Feeling down

Feeling agitated and helpless? Constant stress and anxiety? Feeling exhaustion, restlessness and difficulty sleeping? Frequent headaches and struggling to get out of bed? Can’t enjoy the things that normally give you pleasure? Do you have difficulty controlling your thoughts? Feeling overworked and undervalued? Feeling alone in the world and self-doubting constantly? Are you using food, drugs, or alcohol to cope with your emotions? You may be suffering from depression, anxiety or burnout. Whatever the case, we are here to listen and help you to get back on track again.


We can help you

When you are feeling like this, you can do something about your situation: burnout can be treated. With our professional, structured, hands-on approach you can get your life back into balance. You will be able to look back and see what factors contributed to your depression and burn out. More importantly, we will work to prevent your issues from becoming worse or reoccurring, making sure you do not return to this state of mind in the future. We know it is a huge decision to reach out for help, but we want to encourage you to take the first step to recovery.


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Our treatment looks at your lifestyle and the balance between work, home and private life.
How is your energy focused during the day? How do you look at the world? What do you with your free time? Other issues might have pushed you into this situation: perfectionism, the need to be in control, over-achievement, insecurity, under-performance, relationships struggles, excessive stress. These are all factors that can contribute to forms of burnout, depression and other emotional challenges.

Our professional approach is based on extensive, proven hands-on experience and contains 4 steps:


Step 1: Intake and putting together a plan

The first step is to make a comprehensive analysis of your signs and symptoms and to learn about you. Your work, lifestyle and personality will form the basis for our treatment plan, which we build together with you. Most importantly this plan focuses on getting you better. It is very important for you to have a clear view of your goals and where you want to be at the end of treatment. This step is the key to a successful healing process.


Step 2: Finding a pattern

In Step 2, we look at what patterns are causing your symptoms. Which activities during the day reduce your productivity and zap your energy? What kinds of activities give you energy? Are you getting enough sleep? How is your appetite? When are you working or taking on responsibilities and when are you taking time to relax and socialize? Are you continuously engaging in unhealthy behaviors? Are you trying to find out why that is? Our first adjustments will help you regain your strength and quickly start to bring back balance to your life.


Step 3: Personality traits

Step three goes deeper into how your thoughts influence your feelings and how this can affect your behavior. This type cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to reduce symptoms and contributes to a permanent change. In this stage you will work to heal some of your problems and issues.


Step 4: Permanent change

In this final step, we look at what adjustments you have made to your behavior which have significantly reduced your symptoms and get a clearer perspective on the factors that were causing your complaints. At this stage, you are now feeling physically and emotionally charged and have regained your self-esteem and sense of control. We will reflect on what has changed and define a plan of prevention to help you move forward.
After completing our 4 step plan, you will not only feel more calm and secure, but you will have the tools to cope with life’s challenges and experience the joy, meaning and purpose that makes your work – and life – worthwhile.



Once you have made the decision to reach out, it is import you find someone you can connect with. Our psychologists and clients work together. The right match is important. A good relationship with your psychologist is critical: you must choose one with whom you feel comfortable and at ease. If you do not make that connection with your therapist, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

We have experience in helping people with a variety of different matters from expat adapting issues, anxiety and burnout to depression, addictions, sexuality and relationships.

We speak your language: our licensed psychologists are fluent in English. Living abroad as expats, students or in childhood, they understand the challenges of a new environment. A difficulty that they can easily identify with. Their practice has been proven effective for dealing with many kinds of problems or issues that can arise from moving abroad.

Jente van der Heide

After several years of working in the corporate world, I have been a practicing psychologist for several years now.

I have always been able to connect with people: speak their language, carry out difficult conversations and put myself into someone else’s shoes. After completing my psychology degree at university, I took a side path to broaden my horizon and knowledge in the business world.
I spent several years working and living in London. In the beginning I struggled to adapt as an expat but I soon learned the ropes, building my career and enjoying the experiences that came with living abroad. At the same time, I spent too many hours working and disregarded signs to take better care of myself. When I returned to The Netherlands, I paid the price for ignoring myself for too long and suffered from burnout and depression. It took time and effort to get my life back and restore the balance I needed, but the tools gained and experiences learned I will carry with me forever.
After a new adventure in a corporate environment I decided to follow my heart. Having always been a psychologist at the core, and with new meaning and purpose in my life, I am now a fully licensed psychologist that can understand your problems. My background in business and experience with mental challenges help me to help you.

And together with my team, we are dedicated and committed to supporting you through this process of changing your life for the better and for the long term.

Zita Hietink-Liszkay

As a practicing psychologist and personal coach I have 20 years of experience encouraging and facilitating personal development, treating a broad range of psychological problems and coaching managers and executives in their personal struggles in both their professional and private settings.

As I resided in Vancouver, Canada for 12 years, relocated several times and experienced a variety of different social environments in my life, I know what transition, adaption and rebuilding means. Finding a balance between adapting to my new environment and staying connected with myself was part of resolving and overcoming my personal challenges.

Up to now my life has been quite a ride filled with many changes and consequential choices but with an abundance of inspiring and cherishing events driven by passion and my love of life. My husband and three teenagers greatly enrich my life and I can say I am a very thankful person today.

Over the years I have been privileged to coach and treat young individuals, adults and couples who found themselves confronted with distress, fears, vulnerability, impactful choices, unexpected changes and challenges arising in different stages of life. But also helping executives and managers in their corporate setting with issues concerning their personal development, effectivity and leadership skills.

The target group I am most effective in are individuals and couples who are intrinsically motivated for change, open to explore their thoughts, behaviour, inner drives, fears, dreams and obstacles seeking to regain control over their lives. I offer short-term solution-focussed coaching, cognitive behaviour therapy and relationship counselling.

I like to work goal and result driven. Together we discuss what you would like to achieve while working together. Being aware of how life can be full of unexpected changes and challenges which can arise and heighten your distress levels, I’d like to hear your story and together explore what changes you can make in your life to (re) discover your resilience.


Your relationships are a very meaningful part of your live, and can bring a great deal of happiness and fulfilment. Strong connections with your loved ones, friends and work colleagues allow you to be at your healthiest and most productive, and these relationships offer an important source of advice, guidance, love and support.

But sometimes meaningful connections break down, which can leave you feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do. We understand that fulfilling and supportive relationships don’t come automatically, and they require good social skills and a great deal of time and energy to stay strong and go the distance.

Why seek help ?

Perhaps you feel your relationships are not fulfilling your expectations, which may impact your happiness and life satisfaction. On the other hand, you may crave close friendships and/or romantic relationships but find them very difficult to come by.

You may seek relationship counselling for any number of reasons, from power struggles and communication problems, to sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity. Though counselling is recommended as soon as discontent arises in a relationship, we understand that most partners will not seek therapy until they have been unhappy for quite a long time. The more time has passed, the more difficult it may be to repair the relationship. In some cases, a couple who has already decided to separate may pursue therapy in order to end the relationship amicably and respectfully.

Whatever the relationship issue, we offer help in the form of relationship counselling. Zita will work with couples or individuals to explore their needs and what they want from their relationships, while coaching and giving advice to help them get their relationship(s) back on track.


Expectation and goals

Successful therapy depends on each partner’s motivation and dedication to the process, and couples can expect to become better listeners and communicators and to find new ways to support one another. Goals will be established by the couple under the guidance of our therapist, and in order to achieve these objectives, each partner must be prepared to acknowledge and understand his or her role in the relationship.

For some, we transform their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety. Counselling may help you to see things in a different way or make the decision that’s right for you to move forward. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you.



“I immediately felt comfortable with Jente and I felt free to share my innermost thoughts and feelings that were troubling me for a long time. Taking the step to seek help for my problems was huge, but I feel so relieved now! I have regained control over my life and am able to stop overreacting to minor nuisances.”



“Taking care of my chronically ill father became overwhelming, and made me feel like I had little control over the situation. I was in over my head. At times it was very rewarding, but also involved many changes in our family dynamic, gave more financial pressure and added workload. I started experiencing sudden moments of overwhelming anxiety and fear. I felt I couldn’t breathe and felt like I was dying or going crazy. My panic attacks caused me to withdraw from normal activities such as driving in my car to work. After reaching out for help, I learned that caregivers need care too. Managing the stress levels in my life is just as important as making sure my father gets to his doctor’s appointment or takes his medication on time. During my treatment, I learned that leisure time may seem like an impossible luxury, but I owe it to myself – as well as to the person I am caring for – to carve it into my schedule. Cognitive behavioral therapy has helped me to learn more about panic and is helping me to control my emotions. I am so relieved I can do all my daily activities again.”



“I was constantly irritated, feeling exhausted and getting into conflict with others. I didn’t enjoy my work anymore and it seemed there was no way out. I started developing anxiety and isolating myself.   By sitting with Zita and making a recovery plan, I have been able to find the right balance in my life. Looking back, I see I wasn’t taking good care of myself and also forgetting my creative aspirations. I learned to set my boundaries, improve my social skills, challenge my convictions, and communicate more effectively.”  



“This was my big break overseas, my dream job that I spent my entire academic career preparing for. I did not want to squander it, all the while obsessively worrying about my performance and my future. I got in early to work, stayed late, worked weekends. I had difficulties fitting in as an expat, felt alone, depressed and had no sense of community at all: I turned to alcohol to cope. With the team’s help and experience, I learned that my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. Learning to change my behavior and having new perspective on my own issues has given me the control I needed to move forward with my life.’’



“When my husband told me he had fallen in love with someone else and wanted a divorce, my world fell apart. I knew things weren’t going so well but I didn’t know what and how to change it. I was desperate to make our marriage work. My husband agreed to see a counsellor with me. We went for couples counselling and we worked with Zita. The process was difficult and painful but the impact on our relationship was very positive. It was hard work, however, the new insights encouraged us to improve our communication skills and understand each other more deeply. We are very grateful that counselling was available to help us through the crisis in our marriage and empower us to move ahead towards a next level.”





Consultation fee: €110,-, duration 60 minutes.
Treatment session fee: €95,-, duration 50 minutes.

The average of treatment sessions varies between 5 – 9 times. The length of treatment depends upon the nature and severity of the problem, and the treatment goals selected. Therefore, we will determine the length of your treatment in the first consultation.


In some instances, your health-insurance will cover our services. If you have Dutch private health insurance coverage, check with your insurance company to see if mental health services are covered and, if so, how you may obtain these benefits. If your insurer covers or partially covers your costs, do note we need a referral from your doctor. We also offer a corporate rate and are happy to talk to your company about the coverage of our services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more how about insurance reimbursement for mental health services and what limitations on the use of benefits may apply.

Payment and Cancellation

Payments can be made in a variety of ways. Complete payment on receipt of treatment by cash or credit card is possible along with monthly invoices paid within 14 days. Cases of (partial) reimbursement from your insurance can be discussed during the first consultation.
In an attempt to be as accessible as possible to our patients, our cancelation/ no-show policy is 24 hours. If you fail to cancel at least 24 hours in advance or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged in full for your session.

Complaints about your treatment

Helping and treating our clients is our primary concern and in order to achieve the best results, we feel that having a good connection and communication with our clients is essential. Psychologists and clients work together and your level of personal comfort is important to us.

If a client is not comfortable during their treatment, they will make less progress. We therefore ask you to tell us when you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. Together we can try to find a solution and decide on next steps.

In cases where you do not wish to discuss your grievances with us directly, it is possible for you to leave complaint at the NIP: “Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen”. Our practice is a liated with this Institution for Psychologists and it ensures that psychologists work in accordance with high professional standards.

Code of Conduct NIP

The NIP has stipulated the NIP Code of ethics. The Code of ethics sets out clear ethical principles, values and standards to guide and support psychologists’ decisions in difficult and challenging situations that they may face. Psychologists registered with the NIP or members of the NIP are obliged to abide by the principles of this professional conduct.
The Code is developed to safeguard the welfare of consumers of psychological services and the integrity of the profession.

Our psychologists are members of the NIP and work according to the code of conduct NIP. For more information on the NIP, visit their website at www.psynip.nl (English version available).




Please contact us at 020 – 770 17 15 or leave your details here and we will contact you.



You can also send us an email: info@englishpsychologistamsterdam.nl.



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